How to buy BRTX on BERTINITY launchpad

How to buy?



Pay by:


You can buy BRTX tokens with our launchpad.

Once getting onto our launchpad, you should go through the

following steps:


First, you need to sign up or sign in with google or facebook





After clicking on sign up link, you need to fill in the boxes and

create an account.




When your sign-up process is finished, you have to check your

email, verify your account and then sign in.




Now you can see your dashboard. Click on ‘’buy token now’’

button to buy BERTINITY tokens.



Choose the currency you want to pay with – we support 16





Choose the BRTX amount you want to buy, and click on

‘’make payment’’ button.





You can choose one of our three payment methods by

clicking on “make payment” button. We are working with

COINBASE for our payments. You can pay with it or our two

other methods.


COINBASE payment gateway

net Payment gateway

connecting your wallet directly

To pay with Coinbase gateway, choose “Pay with Coinbase

and click on “Buy Token Now” button.



After clicking, it will redirect you to payment page. choose one

of the currencies supported by Coinbase and click on it.




Copy amount and address. Then send exact amount of

chosen crypto to the address that was given to you.





wait for the confirmation.


After confirmation is done, tokens will be added to your

account. you can check your BRTX balance on “My token

page or see it on your dashboard.




To pay with Coinpayments gateway, choose

Pay with Coinpayments” and click on “Buy Token Now





Send the specified amount to the address given to you and

wait for network confirmations. After that, tokens will be

added to your balance.





And to pay directly with your crypto wallet and choose “Pay

via Crypto”. then click on “Buy Token Now” button.




Send the specified amount to the address given to you. To

speed up verification process, enter your wallet address from

where you have transferred your amount to our address. Next,

click on “Confirm payment” button. Then wait for the

network confirmations. Afterwards, tokens will be added to

your balance.


Check your “dashboard” and “my token” page for seeing your

BRTX balance.





Now you are a part of our project.

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